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Do You Really Need to Quit Facebook or Should You Wait?

Let's See The Experts Advice !!!

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Are you getting disillusioned with social media? No doubt, at one point in time, you were hooked and found the social networking sites a good and engaging medium. The emergence of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have certainly changed the way you connect with people online. In all of this, Facebook offered you with a whole new experience, wherein you had the chance to experience something unique.

But in view of the rising controversies and with privacy becoming a concern, you are bound to look for an escape route. Have you made up your mind of closing the account for good? Are you really sure that you are better off without Facebook? These are some questions you have to answer. But then, there is always a way out.

Of course, you are bound to look at all possible factors. Instead of shutting the account, you must consider the various aspects. Don’t quit Facebook, but don’t trust it either. Before taking any extreme step, you must try and introspect the circumstances you are in. Quitting Facebook will not be a good move either.

Why you must never quit Facebook?

  • Facebook does seem to be invasive and this might not augur well with you. However, by making some changes in the privacy settings, you will have far more control over who can view your updates and so forth. If someone in your friend’s list is bothering you, just block the person.

  • With Facebook by your side, at least you can keep a tab on what your family and friends are up to. You will also get to know about news and events, which have the potentials to affect you as a person.

  • The biggest social networking site is not just providing you with a free service. Instead, FB is raking in the moolah by selling ads using the data you had provided. Even then, Facebook does seem to be a nice platform, where you can stay connected, without having to worry much about other constraints.

As long as you mindful of things and do take extreme precaution, you will never have to worry about your data being exploited.

Tone down your expectations!

Facebook is a good platform which keeps you connected, no matter where you are. But then, it does come with some flaws and this is where you need to be extra vigilant. When you tone down your expectations, it really helps a lot. Well, if you do wish to know more about the pros and cons of staying on Facebook, then it is better to consult an independent expert. By consulting with the Facebook customer support team, you will eventually know what suits you best.

Consider all the factors before taking any decision. Facebook after all is not that bad if used in the right manner.

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